The Night Before Easter

late in the night when the darkness surrounds
as the mice are a-skitter on their nightly rounds
and outside a lonely sedan is turned on
i wake up and see a strange thing on my lawn

i rub my eyes tiredly and what do i see?
(i forgot to mention this is on Easter eve)
a humongous rabbit is out on the grass
his eyes a dark and empty morass

i don't think he saw me, and i was sure glad
cause this bunny looked evil or at least slightly bad
and though he distributed the traditi'nal eggs
i still live in fear of his powerful legs

i have no doubt he could, if he were so inclined
decapitate me if he found me unkind
and with one single leap from those gigantic jumpers
could give brand new meaning to the old nickname Thumper.

but that night i lived to tell my fey tale
and ne'er again saw that lover of kale.
nonetheless, when Easter comes into my mind,
i live in great fear of all rodentkind.